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We think that it’s unacceptable that banks retain most all the earnings off your money. At most, they should be keeping only a fraction of those earnings, whereas the current state of the industry focuses on providing customers with the minimal amount of earnings as possible while retaining maximum earnings. What bupkis. With Bliss, your money gets invested into US Treasury Bills. The total earnings from the Treasury Bills in your account (which encompasses money in both your Saving and Spending pockets) reflect any realized and unrealized gains or losses from your holdings. In a sentence, you keep 100% of the earnings from your investments. Our Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) partner, Jiko Bank, is FDIC insured for up to $250,000.00, but we don't hold client funds in the bank account as they are swept into a Jiko Securities brokerage account. For the brokerage account, brokerage balances below $500,000.00 are covered by SIPC insurance. This is to ensure you are covered on both the Bank and the Broker Dealer side. More earnings. No sneaky fees. Even more Bliss.

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Banks don’t have a great reputation for sharing the wealth. Furthermore, for those who have to enact significant changes to ameliorate the conditions of their lives, every dollar counts. Earnings on existing money generally isn’t generally significant (as it is a fraction of the sum of cash in your bank), but it’s enough that it can move you forward a few days or even weeks in pursuit of your savings goals. Maybe your earnings aren’t what fundamentally helps you afford hormone therapy, that trip of Malta, or a legal name change. But maybe instead it’s a nice coffee (or a stronger beverage) after a particular arduous set of actions. Maybe your earnings cover the tip on a nice meal to celebrate after a major court victory. Maybe your earnings grant you a candy bar that provides you with a moment of respiste. Or maybe your earnings are just a way to measure that your money is moving forward even when all you can do is wait. Maybe your earnings are a commitment to yourself that you are moving at the fastest speed possible in pursuit of your goals. Maybe your earnings are more about your relationship with money than the money itself. Whatever your earnings go towards, you deserve to have them.