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Fundamental to Bliss is the ideas of Goals. We think of these are your most important milestones that have a monetary value attached to them. Within Bliss, we have four major categories of goals: Body, Mind, Soul, and Custom. Body, Mind, & Soul goals are curated by Bliss and includes pratical information on the costs surrounding your ambitions and the pratical guidance to achieve those goals. Custom goals are open fields where you can add in goals that are individual to yourself. In other words, they’re custom to you. Goals interface with other features, such as TimeBack™. Your goals are tracked against your Savings Pocket. The Savings Pocket is a way to organize your money, and Bliss can show you how close you are to reaching your goals based on your savings rate. Bliss is constantly mindful of what matters most and seeks to move you closer to your goals.

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Money is power, but so is information. Bliss’ goal database was directly inspired by our first application, Solace, in that the aim is to not only give the customers an idea of the approximate cost of these goals, but the pratical guidance of how to achieve them. Whether it’s buy a house, procuring healthcare, or finding a qualified mental health professional, these goals require often a high level of self advocacy to achieve and insider information to navigate effectively. With Bliss’ goals, you can save your way to the goals that matter the most and know that you securely have the right information to act on achievement once you have the requisite funds. Bliss’ goals are evergreen and constantly updating. Contact is filtered based on both Purpose of the user (Bliss’ internal syntax to determine what use case [if any] the customer is using) and Pronouns (which is particularly important for our Butterfly users, but also our Blackbirds and Jellyfishes). Individuals who’ve been impacted by trauma often have significantly less amounts of passed-down knowledge that would normally come from family members or other supportive individuals, as those individuals may not exist in our customers lives. The knowledge within Bliss’ Goal Library is intended to help close the knowledge gap and make our customers empowered and capable.