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The Bliss Debit Card gives you cashback on eligible purchases. Every month the money you earn is deposited into your Bliss Account and allocated into your Savings Pocket. But Bliss does something even more with your cashback—and we call it TimeBack™. TimeBack™ is an algorithm that references your Up Next savings goals and references your rolling 30-day savings rate ∑ to calculate how much closer you are to reaching your next savings goal, as measured by a unit of time. Nifty, right? Within the Bliss App, you’ll find a few references to TimeBack™, including a full example of how the algorithm works within the app! Bliss, amongst other things, will tally the total number of hours of TimeBack™ you’ve received. This is to demonstrate that you’re making progress towards your goals as you spend on the essentials, experiences, and more between paydays.

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This feature was built to reflect how incredible hard saving up for significant purchases can be. For our Butterflies, our transgender and intersex customers, one of the biggest and most daunting costs can be gender affirming surgery. This surgery, even if covered by insurance, is still likely susceptible to an Out of Pocket Maximum which can be ≈$10,000. TimeBack™ is designed to create hope as folks incrementally make their way to their goals. Having a surgery day and an affordability date are equally important. For our Blackbirds, our customers who are survivors or victims of domestic violence, they may need to save up to secure their own safe place. Breaking a lease, moving, rent deposits, and more contribute to a multi-thousand dollar purchase. And when you are enduring hell, be it remaining in your existing home or because you have temporary shelter, having a line of sight on the horizon in which you’re able to have your own place again can provide hope. TimeBack™ is also how Euphoria, the parent company of Bliss, makes money. Each time you swipe your card, we get some money too. This allows us to pay for staff, development, and other expenses associated with the company. This means that we have a natural incentive to promote this feature, but we wanted to do it in a meaningful way. The TimeBack™ Algorithm reflects one of our most absolute beliefs in that we don’t think of money as an object to be hoarded. Rather, we think of it as a tool that can help folks move forward through time. In other words, the more money you have the faster you can reach your goal. The faster you can reach your goal, the more time you have to apply to your other endeavors.