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Who made Bliss?

Euphoria (also the makers of Solace, Devotion, & Clarity)

Can I open an account without having legally updated my name yet?

Yes. Our KYC (Know Your Customer) process was specifically built for individuals with incongruent documentation.

How does Bliss make money?

Interchange. Merchants pay a fee every time you use your Bliss Debit and we split that fee between you and us.

Are you selling my data?

Absolutely not. Neither Euphoria nor Jiko is data mining. Your data is yours. We will make money off of other optional services and offerings with the aim that it'll be enough to sustain our operations to keep building more apps. We'd burn our company to the ground before we sold your data. And you can hold us to that. You bring the kerosene. We'll provide the matches.

What's a treasury bill?

Treasury bills (or T-bills) are short-term securities that mature in one year or less from their issue date. T-bills are purchased for a price less than or equal to their par (face) value, and when they mature, Treasury pays their par value.

I'm not transgender. Can I still use Bliss?

Of course! There is no transgender requirement to use Bliss.