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There is a better way to save for your transition.* With Bliss, we don't think of savings* as some passive action. We see it as time travel. A way to meet your future self, even faster.

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Transition is expensive. Let's reach your goals faster.

Bliss isn't about buzzwords or finance jargon. We're about making sure your money is safe*, creating opportunities for growth, and ensuring that you have ownership over your money. If you're looking for crypto, NTFs, and junk stocks, Bliss isn't for you. If you're looking for a tool to help you save money and accelerate your transition by days, weeks, months, or even years while maintaining your privacy and security, you're in the right place.*

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Finances Are Complicated. Knowledge Is Power.


Keeping Your Money Safe Is Our #1 Priority

Your transition is too important to risk.

Euphoria.LGBT, Inc. (the makers of Bliss) has partnered with Jiko to provide a truly state-of-the-art experience with regards to how we handle your finances. We're not investing your hard-earned funds into stocks, crypto, or other risky securities. Instead, our partner Jiko invests your dollars into Treasury Bills. Per our friends at Jiko "Unlike traditional banks, we invest your money in government-backed Treasury Bills, which are sold in real time when a purchase is made. You receive 100% of the earnings from your investment."

And this is just the start for us. We have other features within Bliss that we'll be activating over the upcoming months that help you grow your money even more. To start, we're making sure your money is protected and growing with Treasury Bills, rather than risking your money in exchange for the ephemeral gains (or losses) that the stock market usually yields. And since the days of Alexander Hamilton, the United States has never defaulted on the federal debt, making the Treasury Bill one of the safest securities on earth.

We're not going to play around with your money. This is too important.

We're Good At Keeping Secrets

Two Years In & Zero Data Breaches To Date

We've learned from Solace (our first major app) how to design systems that are difficult to break and minimizes risk. We're big on encryption, limiting what we as a company can see, and making sure our technology stays ahead of any vulnerabilities.

That's why, just like Solace, Bliss is being developed with our friends at Crowdbotics. We're working with the best of the best because you deserve the best. And instead of trying to do it ourselves, we're enlisting experts with decades of collective experience. With Bliss, your data and your account are safe.


It's Your Money To Spend

And We're Not Going To Get In Your Way

Other finance apps will often charge you a fee to move money or create delays on when you can withdraw your money. We're not like that.

With Bliss, your funds can be instantaneously liquidated, meaning that you're able to spend your funds whenever you want.* No waiting games. No scolding messages. No surprise fees.

Euphoria.LGBT, Inc.

A proven track record.

This isn't our first app nor will Bliss be our last. We're proud to have built Solace, Windfall, Clarity, & Devotion which are available on Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store. We've grown from our earliest of days from the plucky garage start-up into a larger company that can manage complex relationships around finance.

Bliss can be used independently of our other apps, and our apps do not share data.


How This Works

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    Create an Account

    You'll create a Bliss account. We'll ask a few questions as part of our compliance process and to learn more about you. We'll also give you a chance to browse our goal library (which has indexed over 1,000 unique goals and the costs associated with them) or you can create your own goals.

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    Let The Savings Begin*

    You'll be able to automatically contribute a set amount each month (the average is between $300-$500) and start seeing your progress bars moving forward. You'll also be able to make one time contributions, which can be great for those instances of unexpected money.

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    A Moment of Bliss

    Once you've saved enough to afford a goal*, you'll get a push notification to let you know. We have disabled our ability to send out marketing push notifications or anything like that. When you see a Bliss notification on your phone, you'll know that you're on the cusp of something wonderful.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Bliss make money? 💵

At launch, we're not making any money off of Bliss. We do have some upcoming features that will monetize the platform, but it won't come in the form of in-app subscriptions, data mining, advertising, or anything of that ilk. You'll have the chance to opt out of any upcoming features at zero cost to you.

Is this only for transgender individuals? 🏳️‍⚧️

No, but it's designed for transgender people first. You can use Bliss to save* up for non-transition-related goals, but our best features and latest updates will always be focused on the trans community.*

Are you selling or mining my data? 💽

Absolutely not. Neither Euphoria nor Jiko is data mining. Your data is yours. We will make money off of other optional services and offerings with the aim that it'll be enough to sustain our operations to keep building more apps. We'd burn our company to the ground before we sold your data. And you can hold us to that. You bring the kerosene. We'll provide the matches.

I have more questions.🥺

Feel free to email us at hello@Bliss.LGBT. You'll hear back from either Katherine Anthony (she/her), cofounder of Euphoria.LGBT, Inc., or Patrick McHugh (he/him), also a cofounder of Euphoria.LGBT, Inc.. We're friendly.

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Banking services and the Bank Account are provided by Jiko Bank, a division of Mid-Central National Bank, Member FDIC. Subject to transaction dollar amount or frequency limitations set forth in the Bank Account Limitations Disclosures.


Investment services and the Brokerage Account are offered by Jiko Securities, Inc. (“JSI”).  JSI is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (“FINRA”) and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (“SIPC”). Explanatory brochure available upon request or at Securities investments: Not FDIC Insured; No Bank Guarantee; May Lose Value.  Past performance is not indicative of future performance. See FINRA BrokerCheck and Jiko U.S. Treasuries Risk Disclosures

JSI invests funds in Treasury Bills in $100 increments. Aggregate funds in your Brokerage Account of less than $100 will remain in that account in cash.  Earnings on Treasury Bills may be exempt from the state and local taxes. We do not provide tax or legal advice. Please refer to your financial advisor or tax professional for advice.  Learn more here.