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About Bliss

Better banking begins with a dignity guarantee and experiences free of discrimination, harassment, or hardship. Bliss is a feature rich mobile banking application, but our biggest priority will always be to ensure that you are treated with dignity and kindness.

Treasury Bills

The money you store in Bliss is placed into U.S. Treasury Bills which can help keep your money safe. Bliss' access to T-Bills is direct and liquidation occurs immediately when funds are transferred or spent using debit cards.


Most debit cards don't offer cashback. Bliss is different in that you receive cashback (what we call TimeBack™) with every swipe, and Bliss can show you how those rewards move you closer to your next goal1. Each swipe out of Spending Pocket augments your Savings Pocket, becoming real cash you can put towards your goals.

Visa Debit Cards

We're not just rebranding prepaid cards. Bliss Cards are real Visa Debit Cards that can be used anywhere Visa Debit is accepted. Bliss also allows you to have your name (even if it hasn't been legally updated) included on the card.


Bliss uses math and previous transaction data to estimate when you'll reach specific goals—saving up for major surgery? Bliss can tell you when you should be able to afford it. Getting ready to buy a home? With Bliss, we can estimate when you’ll have enough for a downpayment to ensure you can start looking at the right time.


Automate your savings by having money going into bliss automatically partitioned between your Savings Pocket and Spendings Pocket. By allocating a percentage (%) of your contributions to your Savings Pocket reaching your goals is that much closer to being a reality.

Goal Database

With hundreds of goals (and counting) that span medical, legal, social, and hobby categories, Bliss is the most comprehensive database for transition on the market. Bliss also includes goals that apply to everyone (transgender and cisgender souls) and the ability to create custom goals.

How Does Bliss Work?


Bliss is available on iOS and Android in the US. The application is free to download, and you'll be able to create an account within minutes of installing the app.

Open A Bliss Account

To use Bliss’s financial features, you'll need to open an account with our Partner Jiko, which will require you to upload a few documents (such as your driver's license or a passport) and answer a few questions. Bliss will walk you through each step.

Add Goals

Once your account is approved, you'll want to add at least one goal to start saving and spending towards. You can use Bliss' goal library (such as starting HRT, filing for a name change, or building a new wardrobe) or you can create entirely custom goals.

Save & Spend

Once you've set your goals and start transferring money into Bliss, you can see your progress bars light up towards your goals, and each swipe of your Bliss Debit Card will further fuel your savings. Benefit from potential T-Bill returns, earn TimeBack™ on qualifying transactions, and reach your goals faster than ever before.

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We believe in transparent pricing. Bliss makes money by splitting the interchange from the debit cards while still providing you with rewards that further your savings. We may introduce a subscription in the future, but we will always make those features available strictly on an opt-in basis.

Pay If You Will™

As a young start-up, we need to make money to continue to develop our apps, attract more investors, and make an even better Bliss.

You can choose from 5 payment buckets and choose whichever one fits your financial situation best. You can get a Bliss Card for $9 if you are willing to help support our work! Thank you!

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We'd be honored to be part of your journey and help however possible. Whether this is the first step or you've been at it for years, Bliss is here to make a better banking experience for all.